OpenSuse 11.0 installed

Installed OpenSuse 11.0 over the top of the 10.3 installation. This is a much more slick version of OpenSuse. Installation and setup were very easy and flawless. KDE4 looks better on OpenSuse than it does on Fedora 9 for some reason.


Setup of OpenSuse complete

Setup of OpenSuse is now complete. It wasn't nearly as slick or easy as Fedora or Kubuntu. I had to run extra config utilities after installation to get X to start with my very mainstream video card. Eclipse crashes immediately, I will have to investigate.


OpenSuse 10.3

OpenSuse 10.3 has taken the place of Kubuntu as my experimental Linux. I installed from DVD. It took a bit of fiddling with the Yast configuration tool to get it to support my video card and monitor so that X would work. After that a bit more fiddling with the config to enable the network. It's odd that the network isn't enabled at installation time.

Give up on Kubuntu

Kubuntu works nicely, but I really have to give up on it. It is just a bit too different from my usual Fedora/Redhat environment. A few strange differences in the behaviour of bash when driven from my makefiles isn't comforting.