Tip : Don't install p4v in /usr/bin on Fedora 22 and above.

I normally install p4v into /usr/bin and /usr/lib. This is a bad idea on a system such as Fedora 22 or 23 that use Qt5. 

The reason is that the p4v tarball contains a file qt.conf. If this file is placed in /usr/bin it overrides all of the default paths that Qt uses to find the various plugins. This causes some (or most) of the Qt based applications to crash.

On reboot it also prevents the KDE Plasma Workspace from starting preventing anyone from logging in via the graphical desktop. The startup of the graphical desktop fails with a message like below.

This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "".   


PS. p4v is the graphical client to the Perforce Helix source code management system.

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